Co-founder of Horz Collective, Novi Sad (Serbia). Co-founder of “To Be” Foundation – Фондация “Да бъде”, Sofia (Bulgaria) Multigenre output. Bachelor of music Prins Claus Conservatory, The Netherlands. Master of music NBU, Bulgaria. Former music teacher in EMMDAT, Málaga, Spain.


I started singing in a children choir early on. During my teens I played bass guitar and sang in punk bands in Sofia. My desire to get better led me to study classical guitar. At about 19 years old I decided to dedicate myself to music professionally and entered the National Academy of Bulgaria. There, at the age of 20 I touched a double bass with my own hands for the first time and fell in love! Three years later, I was already studying jazz bachelor in Groningen, NL where my love for free improvisation developed. After a 6 month adventure in Berlin I moved to Málaga, Spain.

There I began teaching in EMMDAT, a music school in the area. Three blissful years in Spain were far from enough, but after seven years abroad and already 30 years old I wanted to come back to Bulgaria, curious about the current situation.

During these last year I was fortunate enough to be part of the Serbian label “Horz”, which we founded with friends from NL, to establish a foundation “To be” in Bulgaria, to start producing my own albums, to win numerous funding awards and EU projects and be part of exiting bands and groups.

Lately, I’m finishing my Master’s degree in classical bass and composition.