An artist, musician with multi-genere output. If you don’t know me personally, may be this will help get an idea about me…

I was born in Yambol, Bulgaria. Started singing as a soloist in a children choir in Stara Zagora at the age of 8. Three years after that my family moved to Sofia and soon after I started going to classical guitar lessons. From age 15 up until 21 I was actively involved in Bulgaria’s punk and hardcore scene as a singer and electric bass player with multiple bands, gigs, records, and tours.

Slowly but surely I was getting too passionate about music not to go pro. In 2008 I was accepted in the National Academy of Music in Sofia and started playing double bass. At that time Sofia was not a thriving musical city so in 2011 I left for Groningen, The Netherlands to study jazz in Prins Claus Conservatory. I changed my focus from Jazz towards free improvised music and had a short stay in Amsterdam’s amazing community.

After I graduated, in 2014, I moved to Berlin for about 6 months and then moved to Málaga, Spain. There I spent almost 3 years, met great people, lived great life, thought music in a local music school and shifted my focus again to Jazz.

Since 2017, I’m back in Sofia on a mission to develop my local community.

And yes, I have some awards and played with amazing people, but this doesn’t matter much. The music speaks for itself. Enjoy.